South Okanagan Skating Club



All skaters are required to come to the arena prepared with:

  • Appropriate clothing:
    • Form fitting clothing
    • No baggy clothes
    • Avoid head accessories (toques, heavy earmuffs, large hair clips, etc.)
  • Certified head protector if needed (helmet or concussion headband)
  • A good learning attitude

Skaters must be prepared to work for the full skating session. Please note this will include group lessons, private lessons, and individual working time. Participants are expected to work the whole session.

Please note: If skaters are unable to follow club rules (attached at the bottom of this page) they will no longer be able to use certain amenities and in extreme cases terminated from the club altogether.

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Main Questions

Who can join?

People of all ages are welcome to join our StarSkate program.

Skaters need to have passed the equivalent of our final CanSkate program stage to be able to join.

Skaters should be at the stage ready to remove helmets, work independently, and prepare to work on the 4 disciplines in skating.

Confused? Speak with Coach Shelley at the rink.

What is taught?

StarSkate is a figure skating program that teaches individuals important skills in 4 main areas: Skills, Dance, Freeskate, and Artistic.

Freeskate is primarily based on jumps, spins, and field movements. Skills is technique, balance, and control improvement. Dance is a series of patterned dances to improve timing and technique. Finally, Artistic is used for performance improvement.


Skaters who join StarSkate will have the opportunity to compete in the StarSkate stream, Adult stream, and the competitive stream.

If you or your skater hopes for a future in figure skating whether it is shows, coaching, competitions, show your friends or family some amazing tricks, StarSkate is a requirement.

Difference between different StarSkate levels?

The STAR 1 – 5 program offers the best-in-class figure skating curriculum in Canada, targeting athletes looking for a future in the sport. Taught by Skate Canada NCCP coaches, the program introduces participants to the basic figure skating elements to create the foundation for singles, pairs, ice dance and synchronized skating.

STAR 6 – Gold is an assessment and event structure for skaters who completed the STAR 1-5 Program. This structure builds on the skills acquired in STAR 1-5 and introduces skaters to more advanced figure skating elements.

If you have a dream to be a figure skater, StarSkate is where you need to be.