Jr. Star Academy

South Okanagan Skating Club

Jr. Star Academy


All skaters are required to come to the arena prepared with:

  • Certified figure skates (hockey skates are no longer permitted)
  • Helmet – until approved to remove
  • Appropriate clothing:
    • No baggy / hard to move in clothes
    • Avoid head accessories (toques, heavy earmuffs, large hair clips, etc.)
  • A good learning and listening attitude

Skaters must be prepared to work for the full skating session. Please note this will include group lessons, private lessons, and individual working time.

Please note: If skaters are unable to follow club rules (attached at the bottom of this page) they will no longer be able to use certain amenities and in extreme cases terminated from the club altogether.

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Main Questions

Who can join?

To join our Jr. Star Academy program, the skater must complete CanSkate 4 and receive an invite from our head coach.

Skaters should be able to skate comfortably and confidently (including forwards, backwards, and stopping with ease), listen very well, work independently and as a group, and good learning attitude.

Confused? Speak with Coach Shelley at the rink.

What is taught?

Jr. Star Academy is used to focus on the final stages of CanSkate including stages 5 and 6.

This program teaches skaters the building blocks and basis of the sport of figure skating in a fun group atmosphere.

Skaters will have the opportunity to work on their own ice as well as along side our StarSkaters in their own group. This is a great way to transition into a more independent atmosphere.


Skaters who join Jr. Star Academy will have the opportunity to have their helmets removed as well as join our StarSkate program.

If you or your skater hopes for a future in figure skating whether it is shows, coaching, competitions, show your friends or family some amazing tricks, Jr. Star Academy is the gateway.

Difference between CanSkate and Jr. Star Academy?

As your skater has now moved from our CanSkate program to our Jr. Star Academy program, there will be new expectations.

This program will focus on the entry into figure skating. Skaters will learn an assortment of new skills specialized to figure skating as compared to the broad CanSkate course used to reach all ice aspects (including hockey, ringette, and recreational).

Skaters can now work to remove their helmet and grow to achieve tests, earn a program, and even compete!

In Jr. Star Academy skaters will learn in a group environment from our NCCP approved coaches. They will now have more responsibility as well, listening ears!

If you have a dream to be a figure skater, Jr. Star Academy is where you need to be.

Rules and Regulations