2019/2020 SOSC Schedule


3:00-3:15 Intermediate Group
3:15-3:45 Skills/Dance
3:45-4:45 Int/Sr Freeskate
4:45-5:00 Senior Group
5:10-5:35 Off Ice


6:30-7:00 Group*
7:00-8:00 Open Ice*
3:00-3:45 Canskate/Kinderskate/Star Academy
3:45-4:15 Skills/Dance
4:15-5:15 Freeskate


3:00-3:45 Intermediate Freeskate
3:45-4:15 Skills/Dance
4:15-4:30 Group
4:30-5:30 Senior Freeskate
5:35-5:55 Off Ice


3:30-3:45 Group
3:45-4:15 Skills/Dance
4:15-5:15 Int/Sr Freeskate
5:15-5:30 Flood
5:30-6:15 Canskate/Kinderskate/Star Academy


3:00-3:15 Intermediate Group
3:15-4:15 Intermediate Freeskate
4:15-4:45 Skills/Dance
4:45-5:00 Senior Group
5:00-6:00 Sr Freeskate
* Friday afternoons we lose to hockey may be replaced with morning ice
(Nov 29th, Dec. 6th, Jan 17th and Jan 31st)

Special dates:

October 14th No skating, Thanksgiving
November 11th No skating, Remembrance Day
November 12th Skate-A-Thon
November 15th Short Day (3:00-5:15)
November 18th Interclub Simulations (3:00-)
November 22nd No Skating
November 22-24 Interclub Competition, Summerland
November 29th Morning skate only
December 6th Morning skate only
December 14th Elf movie at Oliver Theatre
December 15th Oliver test day
December 20th Christmas Ice Gala (break begins)
January 4th Bottle Drive
January 7th Skating Begins
January 17th Morning skate only
January 31st Morning skate only
February 3rd Regional Simulations (3:45-)
February 7th-9th Okanagan Regionals Competition, Salmon Arm
February 17th No skating, Family Day
February 28th, No skating
March 2nd, Super Series Simulations
March 6th No skating
March 6th-8th Super Series Competition, Kelowna
March 13th Annual Ice Show
March 14th Ogopogo in Penticton, Star 1-4


For any questions please call the club President, Courtney Streeter at 250 689-0447 or email at


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