South Okanagan Skating Club



All skaters are required to come to the arena prepared with:

  • Skates
  • Helmet
  • Warm clothes (coat, snow pants, gloves)
  • A good learning attitude

Skaters must be prepared to work for 30mins, coaches and assistants will be near at all times to help, ability will not be a deteriating factor.

Please note: If skaters are unable to cooperate and/or show aggressive behavior towards our coaches, other skaters, or themselves we do ask parents to have them come back the following season. This includes but is not limited to; tantrums, kicking, hitting, screaming, crying, un-cooperative behavior, etc.

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Main Questions

Who can join?

Pre-CanSkate is primarily for skaters between the ages of 3 and 5. However, any participant who would like a little extra help, want a more fun and laid back curriculum, or it is their first time on the ice, are welcome to join this program.

What will they learn?

Here skaters learn the basics of skating including: Safely falling down and standing up, skating forward and backward, basic stopping, and other fundamental skills.

After Pre-CanSkate?

At the agreement of the parent/guardian the skater will be moved into our CanSkate program. Here they will further their learning to become a successful athlete (competitive or recreational).

Why join Pre-CanSkate?

Pre-CanSkate is a crucial tool for beginners and new skaters who would like to join skating.

Introduces a healthy, lifelong activity at an early age.

Recommended by the coaches of our figure skating program as well as by our local hockey team coaches

Teaches the very building blocks of skating, including safely falling down and standing up, skating forward, stopping, etc. that is required for joining any program.

Wonderful way to keep children active and entertained in a fun learning environment