COVID-19 Guidelines

January 2021 – Reminder for Covid Protocols

We have had a few Covid protocols added. The Covid protocols will continue to change as we receive new rulings from Via Sport, Skate Canada, and Oliver Parks and Rec. We will try our best to keep you informed as soon as possible. Please remember our Board and Covid Screeners are all Volunteers.

  1. No Parents, Guardians, Spectators, (we will refer to this group as Care Givers) are allowed to accompany their skater in the arena if they are over 7 years of age. Skaters are expected to come prepared to skate prior to entering the arena. We recommend skate guards for all skaters to keep your blades free of nicks, and dirt/rocks being transferred to the ice. There is a bench outside the arena lobby entrance that can be used if needed.
  2. Masks are mandatory by all entering the arena, except when on the ice surface. Masks should remain on your skater until they enter the ice.
  3. Skate Canada Waivers must be signed by all participants and Care Givers. If you have all ready signed signed a waiver for the first half of the season another one is not required.
  4. Daily screening and contact tracing will continue. Either verbally when you arrive or you can take advantage of the Daily Online Screening Page on our club website. Just let the verbal screener know if you hav filled out the online version.
  5. Instead of 6 feet apart, skaters and care givers are to be 9 feet apart, unless in you family bubble.
  6. No hands on assistance for skaters when out on the ice, unless injured.
  7. Skaters are not to arrive at the entrance until 15 minutes prior to a session. The arena doors are locked. Arena attendants will not open any earlier.
  8. If you exhibit any signs of symptoms of Covid please stay home.

Thank you, SOSC Board of Directors.

COVID Guidelines: Canskate, Jr. Academy, & Star Skate

The South Okanagan Skating Club (SOSC) guidelines for COVID-19 Return-to-Play are based on the requirements of Skate Canada, BC Section Office, Via Sport and Oliver Parks and Rec. It is the intention of the SOCS to return to skating and the facility in a manner which keeps everyone safe.

If you wish your child to skate, these recommendations must be followed:


BEGINNERS: Due to Skate Canada COVID Guidelines any child wanting to learn to skate must be able to Get Up and Skate unassisted and has passed their level 1 badge in order to participate in any Canskate program. Skate Canada protocol is that there will be NO hands-on skating assistance unless the skater is injured. Unfortunately, this means at present the club will not be offering a Beginner Class.

Also, unfortunately due to COVID restrictions the SOSC cannot offer sales of used skates this year. Parents are required to find skates for their child either by purchasing new or used, or borrowing through friends, family, or social media. Skates that are appropriate for Canskate are available for purchase at Canadian Tire, Walmart, or Sportchek. Please remember many new skates do not come sharpened and will require this to be done before skating.

Jr. Academy and Star Skate: please take your skate bag home daily. Due to COVID restrictions we cannot provide storage for your skating bag. We recommend that you leave your Zuca bag or such at home and use a smaller duffle bag. No equipment is to remain at the arena.

  • Register online only, no cheques or cash will be accepted at this time. Fees must be paid before taking lessons. (Skate Canada COVID restrictions).
  • Sign and submit the Skate Canada Waiver to the club. This will be available at the door when you come to skate and this must be done before each child skates this season. A waiver must be signed also by anyone else who enters the arena.
  • Skaters are to come fully dressed and ready to go on the ice wearing either skates with guards or shoes. If you need to put on skates prior to entering the ice surface please practice social distancing and use a predetermined dressing room, which will have markers to indicate proper social distancing. This space will be used to tie skates, fasten helmet, and removing skate guards. Participants may leave shoes / skate guards in dressing room while on the ice.


Exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms such as; fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or any other symptoms identified by health experts.

If you or someone in your household has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

If you or someone in your household has returned from travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days.


  1. Any coach, skater, parent, guardian, relative, volunteer, or spectator will participate in daily verbal screening for symptoms upon arrival at designated arena entrance.
  2. All session registrations and payments must be made online. No bookings or payments in person at the arena.
  3. Due to COVID-19 restrictions every skater may have only 1x person, such as a parent or guardian enter the arena with them as a spectator (unless the arena quota of 48x occupants has been reached). NO siblings or other children. This person must also undergo the daily health screening of sign the Skate Canada waiver and participation agreement. One waiver per person for the skating season.


  1. Arrive NO earlier than your scheduled time to enter the building. Your scheduled arrival time will be 15 minutes before your session. The designated arena entrance (Canskate – Main Entrance by lobby), (Star Skate and Jr. Academy – South East Entrance near Parks and Rec). Doors will open 15 minutes before the skating session. Each person entering must participate in the daily health screening.
  2. All skaters are to arrive dressed in appropriate clothing. For Canskaters this includes gloves and a CSA approved hockey helmet. Please make sure skate guards are on skates to protect their blades and the floor. If skates are required to be put on at the arena, please use (Canskate – lobby or dressing room #1). (Star Skate and Jr. Academy, please use either dressing rooms #5 or #6).
  3. Remember to be calm and understand the rules set by Skate Canada, the Club, Oliver Parks / Rec., and the Province of BC. These rules will change from time to time as we follow the guidelines that are sent to us. It is mandatory that the guidelines are followed, or we could have our skating privileges removed.
  4. Anyone who shows signs of aggression towards the arena, SOSC staff, or SOSC volunteers will be asked to leave the premises.
  5. To help protect yourself and others against infection, we recommend:
    1. Clean hands with disinfectant before going on the ice for each session, wear gloves and wash them between skating sessions.
    2. Clean all skating equipment before and after use, this includes skates, guards, and helmets.
    3. Use facial tissues and dispose of these in the garbage immediately after use.
    4. Wear clean clothing and gloves for each session.
    5. Mars are not required while on the ice surface, but it is a requirement to be worn inside the arena and in all other areas. This applies to all skaters, coaches, volunteers, or parents who enter the building. Masks can be made of any type of fabric that covers the mouth and nose of the wearer.
    6. If you need to cough or sneeze, please use your sleeve unless you have a tissue available.
    7. Use hand sanitizer and avoid touching doors, gates, and benches as much as possible.
    9. Please use physical distance markers in place on the floor, benches, and outside the arena.
    10. Ice capacity for all user groups is 20 which includes coaches, program assistants, and skaters.

ICE ENTRY: Skaters will enter ice through the gate that is identified as “ENTRANCE“. (At this present time, it will be the gate by the lobby)

EXIT PROCEDURE: At the end of session skaters must exit the ice on time so that the next group can start on time. Skaters must exit the ice through the gate that is identified as “EXIT” (at present this is the gate below Club Room in east corner); single file while trying to maintain social distancing.

When leaving the arena please leave via exits while avoiding entry points, such as Main Entrance or South East Corner. Jr. Academy and Star Skate can exit via change room outside doors to the south parking lot.

Please keep in mind that parents are being asked to respect all drop-off and pick-up times and to please be on time to pick up your child.

Due to numbers of people being allowed in the arena and volunteers monitoring how traffic will flow in and out of the rink we will be unable to allow skaters to remain in the arena after their skating session. We cannot offer any outside supervision if parents are running late.

Please be patient with the SOSC volunteers and staff as we all try to make this experience as pleasant and safe as possible. Also remembering to remain flexible to our guidelines, as they may change as we follow directives that are issued by Skate Canada, BC Sections, via sport and Oliver Parks and Rec.

As we all move forward during these changing times please: