Head Coach

Shelley Mantua

Coaching for over 29 years

Qualification: Level 2 NCCP Skate Canada Certified

Achievements: Competed in BC Sections, Novice and Junior Competitive, BC Winter Games, Skate Niagara and multiple other local competitions

Tests: Gold test in FreeSkate, Dance, and Skills, 6th Figure, Silver Artistic, Bronze Rhythm Dance

Fun Facts: She has two daughters that skated with the club and when not skating she enjoys walking her dog, heading to the beach and spending time with her family


Club Coach

Sabrina Fortunato

Coaching Since: 2016

Qualification: Level 2 NCCP Skate Canada Trained

Achievements: Competed at the Gold level across the section and guest performed for the Steam hockey team

Tests: Gold test in all 4 areas; FreeSkate, Artistic, Dance, and Skills

Fun Facts: She has a degree in business. Don’t let that fool you – her inner child really shines through the second you mention Disney. She has been to Disneyland 5 times!


Your trusty, dedicated, and inspired coaching team!