Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors


Our club is built upon the amazing efforts of our volunteer board of directors. Our club would be unable to function without this amazing group of individuals. The board is built from skater parents (Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, or StarSkate), past skaters guardians, community members, skating judges, and so many more wonderful people.

We are always looking for individual’s to help out our club. If you would like to help our club or have a large say in everything that goes into the club, join our board of directors. Contact us today or speak with Shelley at the rink!

2022/2023 Board or Directors

President – Robin Koenig
Registrar – Robin Koenig
Test Chair – Terri Brimacombe/ Artessa Wiker

Directors – Leanne Sanders


All positions are looking to be filled. Our President, Registrar, Test Chair, and Treasurer are all leaving this coming 2022-2023 season.

For more information on each position, read below! All duties are listed and there will only be one relaxed meeting per month in the evening that can be done virtually if preferred.

2021/2022 Board or Directors

President – Courtney Streeter
Registrar – Robin Koenig
Test Chair – Terri Brimacombe
Treasurer – Ryan Smallwood
Website – Patricia and Sabrina Fortunato
Directors – James Streeter, Leanne Sanders, and Shannon Watts